About Data@Work

Amaury Anciaux started data@work in 2015, after 6 years at McKinsey&Company, first as a strategy consultant, then as the general manager of one of the pricing analytics solutions.

From there he kept the passion to help clients improve and continued to develop as a product manager and developer focusing on analytics solutions.

More information is available on LinkedIn.


Design analytics solutions with your team

I create impact by building solutions that collect, analyse and present data to decision-makers. I like to work on projects that are meaningful for my clients or the society. My sectors of expertise are energy, environment, consumer goods, healthcare, public health and transportation.

I follow an approach similar to architecture: I am heavily involved in the initial phases of each project, to understand the needs and design the solution. Since I am not tied to software vendors or development shops, I can provide independent advice to my clients and follow execution on their behalf.

identify value

Together with my clients, we identify the value we want to create. Based on that, we design a measurable impact metric and build a business case.


We create a roadmap that describes how the features of the solution will provide benefits for the users. Its key elements are data collection, analytics and visualization.


We develop prototypes to allow for early feedback. Then move to iteratively build the solution, working with the development team.


We train the team to use the solution. Then we often accompany the team in the long-run, adapting the solution to ensure it stays impactful.

Projects and clients

Simulator of environmental impact of European policies. Data@work provides technological leadership in a consortium that builds a solution for all 27 EU countries to evaluate the environmental impact of policies (part of the Horizon 2020 program)

European Climate Foundation’s Net Zero 2050 initiative.

We work frequently with Climact, a firm specializing in sustainable energy studies (the two projects above are in partnership with them). Together we developed a way to convert Knime models to Python to create interactive websites out of analytics models.

WHO’s Vaccine Prices platform (now retired and moved to https://www.who.int/immunization/programmes_systems/procurement/en/)

WHO South-East Asia: consulting on anti-microbial resistance, published here:

“Using information technology to improve surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in South East Asia” https://www.bmj.com/content/358/bmj.j3781

We also work or worked with Brussels Environment, Imperial College, TU Delft, Ageas, Dalberg Data Insights (then part of Real Impact Analytics), Lineas and other companies whose names are confidential.



Amaury Anciaux

Rue de Lyon 45
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